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Gun Metal Ingots

Gun metal Ingots


We are manufacturer of gun metal ingot and billets with wide range of alloys and various standards.

These ingots are mainly used in bearings, sleeves, pressure seal casting, valves, pumps, impellers and water supply industrial products.


  • High Strength
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent pressure tightness
  • Optimum conduction towards heat and electricity

Specifications of Gun Metal Ingots

  • Grade B.S. 1400: 1985
Nominal Composition
G1/BC3 10/02/88
G1/BC2 08/04/88
LG1 88/3/9/5
LG2 85/5/5/5
LG3 86/7/5/2
LG4 88/7/2/3
BC1 82/3/10/5
BC6 85/5/5/5